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Playing on a team 8-17-17

Now, there is a few things to know about being on a school team, first of all, if you don’t have any friends on the team, it’s going to suck. I only have one friend on my volleyball school team.

If there are two teams, one for each grade, expect to be either pushed around, or if you’re younger, trying to be better, or just awkward. I’m older, but the 7th graders act like they own the place.

We had our second scrimmage yesterday and at the end we were all heading to the bus, and the 7th graders got on first and of course took the back, the year when we were 7th graders, the 8th graders got the back of the bus. I found this all unfair, so did my teammates. But we had to suck it up, and all they did was scream, yell, and talk over the music the bus driver was playing. Rude. Because one of the songs I knew, and it was by a band called Why Don’t We, they are really good. So I freaked out and, everyone stared at me. When I tried talking to one of the 7th graders, she gave a snarky reply and batted her eyelashes ever so ‘I’m better than you’.